Hercules' club (not edible)
Appalachian Passover (nettle matzah ball soup)
wild turkey with wild cranberry relish, by Kim Hendrickson
violet, chickweed, and wild garlic
creasy greens
garlic mustard

April: Primavera

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menu by Mark Rosenstein

        huevos haminados         Turkish blackberry-batiked eggs
  mock chopped liver   with honey mushrooms and black walnuts
  Carolina gefilte fish   with trout and fresh horseradish
  skiksa kugel   potato casserole with air potato garnish
  karpas   dandelion greens with Cumberland Island seaweed-salted water
  chickweed salad   with redbud and persimmon-sumac vinaigrette
  sochane matzagna   with stinging nettle pesto
  morel and ramp ragout   with chestnut corn pone and sweet cicely
  venison picadillo   with daylily and bamboo shoots
  Sephardic harosetz   wild & feral compote with wisteria cream and candied violets
  wild coffee   with chaga mushroom and roasted persimmon seed