Eating Out

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what the fungus that?

idiosyncratic effects, 1995

"witches butter" (2008)

what's gotten into you?

from my brother (looks like a worm's eye view to me!

who is that gaucho amigo? (cauliflower mushroom)

For $67 a month I learned how to get along (Madison County, NC, 1995)

a mushroom by my own hair (March '05)

Mormon Temple of Santa Monica, Christmas 2002

after gleaning, the cleaning

now how will I get down?

Northern Tooth fungus-hunting, dress is casual (1999)

beaten to the munch

they don't call it the elegant polypore for nothing

To enter the kingdom of mushrooms... (Sovah Woydak, 2007, by Kent Priestley)

chiropractor's delight (Berkeley's polypore, 2000)

the early bird gets the bolete

Sovah Woydak with honey mushroom, 2007, by Kent Priestley

Rock on (by Larry Pogreba, guitar maker, Lyons, CO, 2005)

little did she know she was holding Amanita vaginata (c. 1999)

reishi for sale

mushroom playing cards (by Heritage)

sniffin death angels II

girls just wanna have fungus (5/08)

Sparrasis on the brain

I knew there was a mushroom under there! (6/08)

two puff daddys are better

NY, 2008

up close and personal

better whacked than sacked (2002)

gathering elderberry, cliffside (9/07)

chestnut grub collection system, 2008

cat liver tonight! (peeling prickly pear, 11/08)

time to cut the grass (wild onions, 2006)

good apprentice (gleaning mulberries, 2006)

Lord, I was born a bramblin' man (California, 1992)

you gobo (digging burdock, 12/08)

shopping cart (elderberry, sumac, wild grape, and autumnberry, Nantucket, 10/08)

you don't wanna see my hand where my hip be at (gathering red sumac, 2/09)

look at that escargot

never too late to pick mushrooms (NY, 10/08)

shaggy manes, October 2008

if it's big, gather it (Bizarre Foods, 2008)

if it's free, eat it (Bizarre Foods, 2008)

out of the firewood and into the frying pan (beetle grubs, Fall 2005)

Right from under my nose (4/08)

first time skinning- DIY, 1995

blueberries, Shining Rock Wilderness, August 2009

Schizophrenic violet (Natalie, 5/09)

Why'd the forager cross the road? (Gainesville, April '09)

NOW WHAT?? (gathering chaga, April 09)

prone to stinkiness (gingko nuts, Nashville, 2006)

first puff

sweeter than honey (Firefly Gathering 2009)

now hold still

seemed like a good idea at the time

earthworm at arm's length (NY, September 09)

green woman (Cate in the ivy, 2009)

smooth sailing (Lactarius corrugis, August 2009)

I'm-a-not-gonna-ita <em>Amanita</em>

doggone jack-o-lanterns (poisonous), 9/09

elderberry pie, 9/09

lobster madonna I

nothing could be finer (with Tatiana and Sovah Woydak, 2007, by Kent Priestley)

lobster madonna II

dead ringer (9/09)

best thing since sliced bread

"Under a toadstool crept a wee elf..." (2006)

wee elf II, September '09

supersize me

Lucy in the sky

hoppin' fresh

warts and all

won't you meet me in the country? (Oct 09), by Alisa Whelan

Fungzilla (Asheville Fungus Fair 2006)

OK, just one (Oct 09), by Alisa Whelan

my purse-ona, throwin down

tea on the horizon (burdock, 11-09)

drawing with shaggy mane ink, October 09

testing the nettles, October 09

sweet dreams (2007)

Alysha & mullein, Nov 09

always cook mushrooms first (shirt by Calvin Klein)

gathering sumac, Nov 09

slimy politician (dog barf fungus, 2009)

by a schoolyard sandbox; teacher asks, "how do I explain THIS??"

fixin' prickly pear ice cream, Nov 09

sorting ants, 2005

prickly pear ice cream, ready to freeze (Nov 09)

singing in the rainforest

I've got you under my skin (Jes & roadkill, 12-09)

high morel standards (Spring 2010)

cute as a bug

by Alissa Whelan, 2010

feeling blue

Lulu by Joanne Chan, May 2010

why there are no old, bold mycologists

hoodrat stuff with my friends (R.K.S., 2009)

reishi, July 2010

stop and smell the fungus

frost's bolete by John Fletcher


getting antsy

elderberry, August 2010

good help is hard to find

drink up

nose candy (puffball-in-aspic)

brush up on this

the worth of passions pledged

Vitamin D-saddle

wish you were here

reishi contemplation

see food diet (lobster mushrooms, 2010)

good apprentice (Natalie, 2010)

fungal romance

stinkhorn horrow show

berry nice, August 2010

this is your brain on mushrooms (Brian, 2010)


quilt cap and John Stehling

homey with my gnomey (2010)

another late night at the office

"Is this a mushroom?" "No," I replied, "it's a moldy turd."

give them a mile... (by Kevin Gregory)

they won't miss a few persimmons (Brandy, September 2010)

holy shiitake!

not by bread alone

little shopaholic (oats, 2010)

Michelle with honey locust, 2010

milkweed pods, mid September

"truth... must be found... in the smile... under the dead leaf... in the fullness of love." Krishnamurti

Miller time

ain't no mountain high enough

you're in my persimmonal space

and I ain't sharin

what you won't do for mushrooms

Princess Ling Chi


nature's recycling system

whatcha gonna do wit all dat funk

sittin' pretty

newt kid in town

Kristen, 2010

off the beaten path

go ask Alice

she put the chaga on my tongue

prayer conditioned

into the mouths of babes

every dogwood has her day

robbing the cradle


tastes like chicken (True Nature Country Fair, 2010)

hand to mouth (after the walnut harvest)

teaching fungal family values


not by bolete alone

Colonel Sanders, played by Neil DeGroot, Director of The Biggest Loser (costume by chicken of the woods)

manes on the wane

pretty in ink

"Existence is pure playfulness." Osho

smell the love (dog stinkhorn, 2010)

maybe luck is a lady (BJ, Dec 2010)

Lyza, by Anne Pärtna

fly agaric, by Anne Pärtna

"If one has a friend, what need has she of medicine?" (Bhartrihari), by Anne Pärtna