Hercules' club (not edible)
Appalachian Passover (nettle matzah ball soup)
wild turkey with wild cranberry relish, by Kim Hendrickson
violet, chickweed, and wild garlic
creasy greens
garlic mustard

March: Springing into Action

by Gary Sernack, The Admiral Restaurant

        ants on a log         with carpenter ants and local maple syrup
  spring salad   with chickweed, garlic mustard, stout-glazed black walnuts, wild blackberry vinaigrette, and
Three Graces Farm chevre
  shaggy mane fettucini   with wild persimmon cream sauce and crispy basil
  corazon anticucho   East Fork Farm lamb heart, lobster mushroom aioli and spicebush berry froth
  venison meatloaf   with chicken of the woods and bolete mushroom ragout,
air potatoes, and buttermilk whipped potatoes
  honey locust ice cream   with wild blueberry leather and wild amaranth cookie
  wild coffee   with chaga mushroom and roasted persimmon seed