Five Acres and Independence
a forage-to-table picnic
with Alan and special guest, chef and herbalist Heidi Berkovitz
at Green Oaks, Alan's home in Woodfin
June 9th, 9:30 am-1:30 pm

Discover the super market in your own backyard. Weed it and reap! We'll also search my backwoods for any surprises. You won't believe what you can find -- an live on -- on five "ruburban" acres. Daylily, honeysuckle, violet, wood sorrel, sassafras, burdock, cat's ear, poke, serviceberry, nettle, reishi mushroom, and more.

$45/person includes wild food lunch. Register here.


"salad bar": a 10x10 foot bed of chickweed in my front yard for three months in Spring


air potatoes

edible "fairy potatoes" take over the porch every Fall

bizarre food

filming on the property for Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern (The Travel Channel, 2008)

chicken mushroom

50 pounds of "chicken of the woods," found in the 'hood in May of 2010


black walnuts

gathering black walnuts a block away, Fall 2011


"they won't miss a few persimmons!" (also down the street), September 2010


five acres cover

published 1948