Here are a variety of places to stay around Asheville. They are all very different. Listed by distance from downtown, each has its advantages. For more about Asheville, see here.

Aloft, downtown Asheville

0 min, $$$$. Right in the middle of the action, our most "cosmopolitan" option.

Mantis Gardens, Montford

2 min, $$. Cute, impeccably landscaped, and a short walk to downtown.

Ashevillage Institute, Asheville

2 min, $$. A working permaculture demonstration site, a little urban oasis with always something playful and interesting going on, from fermentation to aquaculture.

The Omni Grove Park Inn, off Charlotte Street North

5 min, $$$. Historic, beautiful views, the location for our wild food strolls and one of our partner restaurants.

Riceville Retreat, East Asheville

13 minutes, $. Studio apartment. Native edible and medicinal gardens, fields, and views.

Wild Roots, Swannanoa

15 min, $. Quiet, wooded location we often use for tours.

Buckeye Brook, Swannanoa

15 min, $. Next door to Wild Roots, another location we occasionally use for tours. Host is a former chef.

The Sourwood Inn, North Asheville

15 min, $$$. Great location on the Parkway yet close to town. Another very sweet owner.

Herb Mountain Farm, Weaverville

20 min, $$. Idyllic, quiet setting, great people, closely affiliated with No Taste Like Home.

Franny's Farm, Leicester

25 min, $. Off South Turkey Creek, a classic country road. Fun events including Barnaroo and goat yoga.

Mountain Light Sanctuary, Barnardsville

35 min, $$. Rustic and out there in many ways, but simply magical.

The Buck House Inn, Burnsville

40 min, $$$. Charming accommodations matched with incredible hospitality. Enjoy the trails of a pristine conservation area right outside your door.

Meanwhile Back in Saluda, Saluda

45 min, $. Homeschooling family WAY into mushrooms, just a couple miles from Pearson Falls.