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A Nondual Perspective

How Foraging can Save the World

Domination vs. partnership, scarcity vs. abundance, and fear vs. love.

The Meaning of Life

Why life increasingly sucks.


Beneath suspicion.

Karma to the Rescue

How an accurate understanding of karma can save us.


Oneness, meaning of life, conceptual thought, drugs, ego, identification, domination culture, scarcity, shame, addiction, life as dream, and trauma.

Back to Eden

Domination culture and healing collective trauma.


What keeps us crippled.

We Couldn’t Say No

More deadly than virus.

A Simple Solution

Beyond partisanship, conspiracy theories, social media, and democracy.


Is it time to die?

Everything’s OK

My first meaning of life essay — 20 years later.

The Root of All Evil

Humanity’s greatest blessing and curse: conceptual thinking.

Waking Up from Scare City

Fear, real sharing, abundance, and unity (PDF).

Both of Me

I just wanna be your everything.

Love Rules

Coronavirus, unity, fear… the usual!

Pharaoh Tail

Pandemic, Passover, climate change, and civilization-as-addiction.

This is Our Chance

COVID-19 as a catalyst for change.

We Got This

Coronavirus vs. cooperation and abundance.

Lemon Love

Maureen McCarthy solves all her problems: by dissolving them.

Reinventing the Wheel

Maureen McCarthy rediscovers mindfulness.

Meet the ‘Miracle Lady’

Maureen McCarthy’s fountain of youth.

How to Get Ahead in Hell

When “smarts” can work against you.

The Darkest Hour

Marianne Williamson, cooperation, love vs. fear, fake news, and enemy images.

Free Your Mind and Your Addiction Will Follow

Nonviolent Communication, domination culture, shame, enemy images, anarchism, labeling and alienation, feelings, depression, harm reduction, and self-acceptance.


What if there is no problem? Civilization vs. hunter-gatherer culture, progress vs. contentment. Hypervigilance, conceptual thought, intuition, higher dimensions, and life as dream.


Marianne Williamson, unity, life as dream, mycelium, and The Aquarian Age.

The Answer

What if saving the world is not our job? Progress, Science, God, and Nonviolent Communication.

Why Am I Telling You This?

If I create my own reality, why try to change anyone else?

From We to Me

Progress is an addiction/cancer caused by the belief in separation.

Our Opioid Opportunity (The Fix)

Do we really believe that we’re all in this together? Gentrification, beyond naloxone, harm reduction, domination culture, shame, loneliness, and community.

Shame is Killing Us

A main cause of addiction is our shame-based society.

A New Birth

Saving the world by awakening to oneness.

Dinner and a Movie

If reality is a dream, limitation, identification, and knowledge are all illusory. If nothing is real, anything is possible.

What the World Needs Now

The meaning of life: states and stages, enlightenment, and love.

Body Care

The hell of competition; waking up from the illusion of separation: the need for a somatic approach.

Opioids are the New Mother

Addiction as an attachment disorder.

Don’t Tell Me My Future

Would you want to know yours?

Family Constellations

A “magic,” community-based way to heal your ancestry.

Kiss and Say Goodbye (The Mountain Xpress)

Addiction as social denial, disconnection.


Allowing: waking up from the nightmare of domination culture, from the ego, and from work to play.

We are a Dream

Waking up to oneness.

Ballad of an Unknown Gun

Does life have to be hard? The illusion of scarcity.

Endless Fishing Fun

Coming to peace with life; suffering and evil stem from the ego.

The Most Important Thing We Have To Learn Is How To Fail

How and why to “let go and let God.”

The Way Out

Empathy, denial of unity, changing the past.

The Heartest Thing

World peace, cancer, and the universal meaning of life.

Midnight Train to Gaia

The value of psychedelic mushrooms.

Psychedelics Reconsidered

A short version of the above.

Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

How the “woods-wide web” can show us the way.

Running to Stand Still

How I went from Progressivism to Primitivism.

Is Anybody Home?

The world as enemy or family: rewilding our hearts.

My Friends are Green

Healing with plants is not about “using” them.

Why I’m Doing This

A cure for our Eden disorder.

What a Fool Believes

Falling in love with life.

I Love What’s Happening

The 2016 Presidential election, The Apocalypse, and life as a dream.

Twelve Steps to Nowhere

A guide to healthy eating and living.

A Different Hourglass

There’s no time like the present.

My Deadly Profession

Tools for work/screen addiction: Nonviolent Communication and Somatic Experiencing.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

The origin of witches, the rise of industrial education, food, and medicine, and the loss of community.

It’s Not Your Fault

Why we stay in bad relationships.

What is Healthier, Your Relationship or Cocaine?

Distinguishing tonics from drugs and other stimulants.

Foraging and Wild Food

Meet the Mulchkins

Fungi combat lockdown loneliness.

The Real Whole Foods

Do desperate times really call for desperate measures?

Finding the Door

Foraging for world and inner peace.

Where the Heart Is

Foraging as reconnection.

The Secret of Life

Foraging can help you to feel at home.

Not Available in Stores

Black walnuts, whole food, whole exercise, and process vs. product.

Why Forage?


Seven Reasons to Forage

Eat Here Now

Trash and Treasures

Dying to Eat Wild Mushrooms?

The Key to Safe Mushroom Hunting

Safety in Numbers

Wild Mushrooms: A Hidden Treasure

Becoming Native

The State of Find Dining

Depression Cure: Real Life

The Key to Ending Hunger

Eating on the Wild Side (Review)

Forage, Harvest, Feast (Review)

Teaching this Man to Fish

For this I went to Princeton?

Honey Locust

Cookin’ Up a Mess o’ Creasy Greens

Sample Price List

Pine for Food and Prophet

Trick or treat?

The Mushroom Man (Interview)

Economics of Wild Strawberries

Top 75 Wild Foods in Western NC

Drinkable Wild Foods

Sixty Desserty Wild Foods

Cherokee Wild Foods

Carver Edible Park

Wild Mushrooms Legal in NC Restaurants

Honey Mushroom vs. Deadly Galerina

Witch Hazel (Roger Klinger)

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

Excerpts from the 1939 book by Weston Price.

Wholly Neglected

Two 19th c. authors pioneering mushroom appreciation.


Somatic Awareness

For love of mushrooms: edible, pychedelic, or just cool.

Is psychedelic-assisted therapy legal?

Basically, no.

Why Asheville

It’s Only Natural

More on Asheville: how I got there and why I stayed.

An Annual Harvest Picnic

A proposed celebration of community.

Want to Hurt the Environment? Join a National Environmental Group

The hypocrisy of endless junk mail.

Going Ninja on Japanese Beetles

You can beat and eat ’em.


How to know if you have it and what to do about it.

Love Animals: Eat Them

Organic, soy-free animal products in WNC

Stay away from Green Juicers?

Goodbye Jim

Homage to Dr. James Duke, ethnobotanist.

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