What’s the Future of Travel?

Future of Everything
March 22nd, 2017

Alan Muskat, CEO of No Taste Like Home

“Travel is coming home. It’s getting down to earth, back to nature. Not just walking through nature but really engaging with it. Less site-seeing and more site-tasting.

“I’m talking about foraging: gathering wild food. Surprisingly safe and easy, foraging is a multigenerational tradition in much of the world. Foraging is DIY, local, sustainable, healthy, affordable (as in free), and FUN. And for all these reasons, it’s making a comeback. We specialize in foraging, and in the past five years, our business has quadrupled.

“People are homesick. They want ‘home-cooking.’ They don’t just want farm-to-table, they want forage-to-table, and they want to do it themselves. They want to experience travel the way our nomadic ancestors did.

“Foraging turns The Earth, wherever you are, back into home. In ten years, we won’t be saying ‘we’re not of the woods yet.’ We’ll say we’re not yet back in.”

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