Finders Eaters

Let America’s funguide take you out to eat — outside, that is — as you uncover the Garden of Eden all around us. Alan and his staff of foraging experts will lead you go on a woodland shopping spree, gathering wild mushrooms, edible plants, and other “extreme cuisine.” Together, we’ll wander through field and forest, filling our baskets. You’ll meet anywhere from twelve to thirty wild foods, focusing on the most common edibles you might find in your own woods or backyard. Then you get to eat what you’ve found!

After our wild gooseberry chase, it’s finders, eaters as we cook up a sampling of our quarry. Then it’s Survivor meets Iron Chef as your group — or one of our five partner restaurants — transforms the rest of your catch of the day into find dining. Wild mushroom pizza, daylily tamales, sassafras root beer, wisteria ice cream… it all depends on what we find.

Discover how easy it is to “take in the landscape.” Outings are suitable for all ages and ability levels. Alan’s introductory e-book is included and all equipment is provided.

For a twist on forage-to-table, try forage-to-bar. Alan’s group offerings have been featured in Successful Meetings, Meetings Today, Meetings & Conventions, The Meeting Professional, CollaborateCorporate & Incentive TravelGoing on Faith, LodgingHotelier International, and more.

We can accommodate groups of up to 100 participants, dividing the group if necessary into teams of typically ten to fifteen participants, with guides from No Taste Like Home leading each group. A variety of Asheville accommodations are available.

For a taste of the wild life, experience the life of a modern hunter-gather firsthand. It’s a unique experience in self-catering, a memorable lesson in high-class survival.

An incredible immersive experience that puts you in touch with nature in a meaningful way — foraging for dinner. Our guide was knowledgeable, engaging, passionate, and caring. It was a truly authentic experience.

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