Katy Bowman on Foraging

Movement that we do just for the sake of physical fitness isn’t the most “green” choice we can make; many of us (privileged with the option to) have outsourced most of our movements—movements done to hunt, gather, forage, and garden—to others, an outsourcing that has sociological and environmental impacts.

21 ways to move for your holiday meal

The multipurpose of walking is also to find or forage for something. If you’re not doing that along the way, then your walk is this very linear, repetitive thing as opposed to something with more movement built into it.

Enter the gait lab

…foraging behavior is part of anything that has to get food in the wild. Gathering food requires that you use your body in all these unique and novel ways.

Natural movement

The by-product of foraging or walking around a lot to get what we need and using our body in lots of different positions is this butt muscle that stabilizes the pelvic floor and keeps up hips that have lots of mobility…

we go to the gym, or we go, okay, I know that I need to build a strong butt, so I do four isolated planes of motion when you’re trying to do your exercises to get your pelvic floor strong, and you’re trying to do your hip stretches to get your hips stretched. We’ve broken it all down…

The whole organic process of a by-product that comes from just being in nature, just living and surviving in nature – it’s gone. It’s not really gone, but we choose not to do it.

Delicious butt function

Foraging… solves the most problems in the least amount of time, which is the ultimate solution.

Natural movement

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