Love & Curiosity

those who look outside dream
those who look inside awaken

Carl Jung

It’s often said that the most important question we have to answer is, is the universe friendly? In other words, why is there tragedy and injustice in the world? Does everything really turn out for the best?

To answer these questions, I argue that despite appearances, reality is ultimately subjective, not objective. Consciousness, the divine part of us, is fundamentally free. In other words, life is a dream of God.

If life is a dream, then the question becomes, “why do we have nightmares? And what does it mean to wake up?” To answer these questions, we need to distinguish between how we see ourselves (our ego) and who we truly are (the consciousness of God). This, in turn, frees us from a fear-based approach to life to one based on love and trust.

In technical terms, this is an attempt to express Vedantic nondualism in a Western analytical framework. In this “holographic” cosmology, I define everything from atoms and time to God in a concise, mathematical way. The model unifies mind and matter and confronts ancient questions about suffering, evil, free will, and the limits of rational thought.

Love & Curiosity, Part I (2009)

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