Monkey business

I’ve always loved the bumper sticker some guy down the street has peeling off his old pickup, “WOODFIN OUTLAW.” We’ve seen bears and coyotes here, and a couple years ago, the FBI raided our house, but this weekend gives the phrase new meaning.

Yesterday, two neighbors spotted a monkey on my street. One neighbor “swears on his life” that he saw it bounce three times across the driveway into my backyard. Three police cars showed up and asked my neighbor, “mam, are you keeping a monkey?” Animal Control set up two big traps with bananas. The next morning, the bananas were gone.

Once when I was about five years old in South Miami, in the tree behind my house, I saw a monkey. Nobody believed me. That night, they said on the news that some monkeys had escaped from the zoo.

Of course all of us here at No Taste Like Home are excited about this latest addition to our main office. If you see our monkey or have a recommendation for a name, please let us know.  The word is that it has a very long tan tail. That way you can know that if you see it, you’ve seen our monkey as opposed to any other monkey.

image from internet, not my yard

Greer just came home with some bananas. Stay tuned…

Posted on: August 25th, 2013 by Alan

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