Just for Fun

Life is too important to be taken seriously.

Oscar Wilde


Attack of the Giant Lint Ball

Attack of the
Giant Lint Ball


A Fist Full of Fungus

A Fist Full of Fungus

The Mad Barber and Billy Jonas

Splitting Hairs
with Billy Jonas
(rough excerpt, 2006)

California Fibroids

Carolina Fibroids
(get well e-card, 2008)

You Should Be Dancing

You Should Be Dancing
(aerobic snack, 2008)

Photos and Whatnot

Sandra Ford

Trippin', 1974-


8th Annual Passover Sederama

8th Annual
Passover Sederama

(invitation, 2000)

Dia Valentinus

Dia Valentinus
(invitation, 2004)

Sandi's House- Buying Fundraiser

Sandi's House-
Buying Fundraiser

(invitation, 2005)

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz
(poster, 2010)

"Peaceniks ask Superman to turn back time" (parody article), 2003


Seriousness is a sickness...
Existence is pure playfulness