Illustrated By Lauren O'Leary

Text By Jessica Godino
& Alan Muskat

Published By Llewellyn Worldwide


Let The World Spirit Tarot deck show you the gorgeous diversity that is human spirituality.

The images on the cards are derived from hand-colored linoleum block prints featuring vibrant, uniquely stylized artwork with an exotic, otherworldly quality that defies imitation. Nonhierarchical and gender inclusive, the images of The World Spirit Tarot reflect the authentic beauty of people who embody the qualities of the cards, from desperation and raw power to intimacy and joy. In describing the "gift" and "shadow" of each card, instead of the traditional "reversed" and "upright" meanings, the text offers a new way approach that fosters the understanding of a continuum of meaning rather than of polar opposites. Samples follow:

Strength is calm and firm, but not aggressive. This is a woman at ease with herself and the world. The lion symbolizes her instincts and passions. She has learned to live in harmony with her wild nature, to harness without stifling her instinctual powers. She knows that the source of her strength is love, and so she stays open and connected to it.

Clearly, Strength is about far more than physical force; it is an emblem of inner fortitude. When it appears, it encourages you to tap into the deep sources of strength within yourself. You may find the courage to take risks, face your fears, begin a daunting project, or persevere in a difficult situation. This card also asks you to look at the balance in your life between subduing your passions and expressing them. And remember the quiet voice reminding you that great strength can be found in small things.


When the Seeker of Wands walks into a room, heads turn. A charmer and a flirt, he holds his audience captive with tales of action and adventure. Don't give your heart over too quickly to him, though, for he is unreliable as he is attractive. This personality is constantly on the go, loving movement for its own sake. Life is one big game to him, and tomorrow he will be galloping off again to his next conquest. He is the first to pick up a new cause but also the first to drop it when something more exciting comes along.

Seeming to go in ten directions at once, this volatile dynamo makes a grand show but ultimately doesn't accomplish much. With others to help ground and focus him, however, this Seeker can bring vital energy and confidence to any project.

In a reading, the Seeker of Wands may herald the need for a change of scenery. He may also symbolize an adventurous but rash person in your life. Or he may be pointing to tendencies within yourself to consider.


The Three of Pentacles is the traditional card of craftspeople and other artisans. It shows someone doing what they love well enough to be supported by it. In the most general sense this card points to success in business. You are ready to take on work that honors your ideals, that creates a product both useful and beautiful, and that earns you respect and recognition in your community.

Even more important than the end result, however, the Three of Pentacles speaks to the dedication and perseverance needed to master a skill or craft. Well-thought-out plans are needed; stay practical in carrying them out. This is not a card about waiting for a lucky break; be prepared for hard work! Your reward will be in seeing the beautiful results of your labor take shape in your hands.


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