Speaking of Alan

see also praise for No Taste Like Home

I love the amazing mushrooms that I found with Alan Muskat.

Gordon Ramsay

Alan Muskat changed my life.

Andrea Reusing, 2011 James Beard Best Chef of the Southeast


Few people live off the land with more gusto than Alan Muskat.

Andrew Zimmern, host, Bizarre Foods

Andrew Weil - maitake

Too much of anything isn’t good for you, but you probably haven’t had enough of Alan. I greatly enjoyed hunting mushrooms with him.

Andrew Weil, MD

Karl Pilkington roadkill (1)

He lifted the lid of his freezer and it looked like he had the whole cast from Beatrix Potter sitting in there.

Karl Pilkington


We all loved Alan’s mushroom song and dance, and I praise the mushrooms for keeping my kids off their iPads and game boys for a whole day!!

Jackie Siegel, The Queen of Versailles

throwin’ down, 2009

I love Alan’s sense of humor. It kind of sneaks up on you and grabs you and then you can’t stop laughing.

Maureen McCarthy, Creator
The Blueprint of WE

man, uh... from heaven, 2009

You are hilarious! You have a very creative mind that never ceases. And yes, you are crazy, but in a good way.

Erika Dobrin, Producer
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition


Fergus Drennan, The Roadkill Chef

God save us from rapping, breakdancing baby boomers in prana hoodies with Goodwill handbags on their heads.

anonymous commenter

You are too much like me. You always say the worst thing first.

Nathalie Dupree, host of nine cooking shows and author of fifteen cookbooks

Ali G bling copy

I haven’t laughed this much in years.

Michael Phyzer

He’s cute as a button (mushroom).

Nikita Pilke

Whenever I’m around Alan, I feel like I want to play like a kid.

Bari Gilbert

represent, 2010

If Alan wasn’t a mycologist he’d be a great actor.

Chuck Sealey

I have NEVER seen this group stay focused on one person for so long.

Julian Hockings

As an international speaker, I can tell you that your presentation was top notch.

Bill Hubiak, Multinational Corporate Trainer

Rosiland Whiteley

I could have easily made a one-hour documentary about our forage with Alan. There was so much excitement, learning, experimenting… I wish I was a better wordsmith to share with you how truly amazing this adventure is… this tour — no, this life experience — is worth every penny times ten!

Nikki Wynn, Travel Blogger

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have a sensitivity to what’s going on at a very small level of detail that most people don’t have.

Susun Weed, Author, Healing Wise

I love your philosophy and vision, which you elegantly communicate with a deep soulful awareness.

Louie Schwarzberg, award-winning director

Alan is an incredible teacher and wise “philosoforager.” The hours that I’ve spent with him in nature were career and spiritually altering for me.

Whitney Dane, whole foods caterer

Billy Jonas and fox grapes, 2014Accessible, passionate, truly enchanting!

Billy Jonas

I really admire your heartfelt wordplay and playful heart-words.

Howard Jacobson

Thank you for being part of my enlightenment through my journey in the natural world. Having my eyes squeegeed every so often helps my spiritual well being grow.

Eric Abernethy

I love being in your presence. You remind me of the closest being I’ve known to Saint Francis. Watching you restores my faith in human beings. I am so honored to witness your work on this planet at this time. Thank you for all your giving, awakening and reminding us of what’s real. I want to stay in the company of the truth that you share. It is so far reaching in the soul, like the innermost ring on an ancient tree.

Rosiland Whiteley

Alan has an incredible way of creating a bridge between the mushroom and the human…

Sara Truitt

puffball in aspic, 2010You are the closest thing to namaste that I have met. Thank you for showing me a new side of life.

Lloyd Hooper

I love the way that you bring your heart and presence to this beautifully inspired work to provide fellow humans an opportunity to reconnect with our Mother Earth. What a delicious adventure!

Rebecca Chaplin, Mountain Region Director, AARP

Alan constantly expands my culinary horizons. He is an intrepid explorer, a thorough and tireless researcher, and a committed teacher.

Sandor Katz, Author, The Art of Fermentation

Alan helps me to feel good from the inside out.

Peter Piché

Attending your class has been the single biggest motivator for me to get out and start making a living doing what I love to do.

Pat Schneider

…a most exhilarating day in the woods… a truly unique, captivating, and dramatic style. I hope that our future expeditions into all forms of paradise have only just begun.

Anne Kemske

I was absolutely captivated; really blown away. You made it fun and got our mouths watering. It made me want to go out and find mushrooms I’ve never tried before.

PBS’s Slangman, David Burke

You truly are a gifted guide and teacher. I had an absolute blast and learned so much.

      Peter Ivey, Manager, Diamond Brand Outdoors

Alan is a real character in true Asheville fashion… he was amazing, ripping off leaves and popping them in his mouth, he was so comfortable with the concept of foraging… When he wasn’t showing us plants and feeding them to us, he was telling us stories about them and reciting poetry… No matter what we showed him, Alan was seldom stumped…

Susan Murray

get this, 2014

You are a walking encyclopedia!

Jutta Nitsch

You really know everything.

Wendy Lippman

You are so brilliant and so connected that you don’t realize people aren’t on the same page. Nature is a book you know by heart that most people haven’t even opened.

Jane Grossman

You really are the most creative person I have ever known.

Ada Lea Birnie

Cuban romance, 2007Alan breaks all molds; perhaps he never had a mold.

John Dean

Alan is a carnival barker for fungus.

Lisa Lust

Alan is kind of my hero. His vast knowledge and magical ability to bring people together must be experienced to be understood.

Mike McGirr

Flo and Janell, 2009There is not a time that I see a mushroom that I don’t think of you.

Commander Florence Kapoor

You are the cosmic crusader of eye-bugging enchantment.

Molly Curry

Thank you for upholding one of the many corners of the universe and doing the things I would do if I wasn’t doing the things I am doing.

Robert Frito Seven

free admission, 2010Alan is like Borat, just not as tall.

Caleb Gross

For THIS he went to Princeton? 

Alan’s grandmother

You look like a rat mixed with a stork. You are like the beast before he turns good. You also kind of look like Einstein.

10-year old whose name will go unmentioned

Alan is a great resource person for me– good on identifications, great cross-cultural perspectives, lively sense of humor, and he doesn’t mind saying ‘I don’t know.’

Doug Elliot, Author, Wild Roots

I appreciate your playfulness and great spontaneity. You model for me a way of being that brings smiles to my heart. You hold so much wisdom, beautiful and free. May your work be filled with blessings as you continue to touch the hearts of those that you teach.

Anne Massey

You are a truly genuine personality with a tremendous ability to excite people, not only about mushrooms but preservation of natural habitat and culture.

Michael Rich

fantastic instructor… articulate, intelligent, very personable, caring, and kind… invests a great deal of himself in the class…

James Cantor

uplifted my spirit… on a scale of one to five, 5+++!

Fred Foster

I so hope you will consider writing a book sharing your knowledge. You would sell a million copies!

Dottie Meisner

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