Open-Air Market

hansel and gretel

Yoga Journal
October 1st, 2015

Once a humble pursuit among die-hard naturalist and serious chefs, foraging for edibles in the wild has spun into a modern adventure for mainstream foodies. “The local food movement has been intensely successful, and foraging, where you’re literally going out and picking the food you want to eat, is the ultimate expression of local,” says Iso Rabins founder of the San Francisco-based forageSF, which heads up multiple foraging projects. “People want to know where their food comes from; the knowledge you glean from just one foraging class can really change your relationship with the plants and animals around you.”

Locals and tourists alike are heading out on food-finding missions, in many cases guided by chefs who help track down or prepare their discoveries… With No Taste Like Home in Asheville, North Carolina, you gather edibles in the woods and can opt for a partner restaurant to prepare your picks… With this trend, you’ll never go hungry.

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