Rewilding Retreat

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Join us “off the eaten path” and become a clan of modern hunter-gatherers. Getting back to nature, you’ll experience truly natural food and truly authentic connection. Come see what it’s like, together, to be wild and free.

The abundance of Nature makes foraging a “slow food, slow mood” experience. When we eat here now, we experience the ease and freedom of our foraging forbears. We go “back to The Garden,” cutting out the layers of domestication that separate us from nature, each other, and ourselves.

Today, most of us live in “scare-city.” We’re always afraid of not having enough. Having to always be looking out for number one keeps us from truly working together as a team. Hunter-gatherers don’t have that problem. They know they need each other. They also know that when you work together, there is always more than enough.

As we meet and eat outside the box, the “primitive skills” we’ll learn include mindfulness, somatic awareness, Nonviolent Communication, forest bathing, and “taking in the good.” Participants come home refreshed, revitalized, able to reframe challenges as opportunities, and open to new possibilities.

Our clientele has included Dr. Andrew Weil (twice on the cover of Time), Christie Hefner (former CEO of Playboy), the owner of The Biltmore Estate, VPs of Shell, Amoco, Aon, McCormick, Motorola, Cracker Barrel, Phillip Morris International and The American Heart Association, the PR team for Michelin North America, the General Counsel for the Army, the President of The American Bar Association, a number of James Beard chefs, and the founder of Mother Earth News.

We can accommodate groups of all sizes. Half-day, full-day, and multi-day programs are available.